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Why Cool Deposit?

With the wide variety of products available, here are some tips when choosing a remote deposit solution...

Security - Is the solution a Thick or Thin client solution?

Most remote deposit solutions are thin client, or web hosted solutions. This means you are continuously connected to the internet, increasing the risk of a security breach. This also means, your deposits are processed by a third party, NOT YOUR BANK. In a hosted environment, your bank is the last to know about your deposit. Who do you call for support?

Cool Deposit is locally installed, keeping your deposits and vital information under your control. Your deposit is transmitted via a 128 bit encrypted file directly to Independence Bank, then directly to the Federal Reserve. Independence Bank's system configuration gives Cool Deposit eight layers of protection to avoid errors and fraud. These eight layers mean you are protected and errors are corrected faster.


Click Charges.  Others have them, Cool Deposit doesn't.

A click charge is a charge imposed by your bank for each item you run through the scanner. These are ON TOP of your regular bank account fees, and used to pay the third party providers. Before you decide, do the math to get the real cost!

Dont have time for the numbers? Independence Bank will be happy to perform a full analysis of any competitors product and pricing for you free of charge.

Keep checking back for more tips from Independence Bank!